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Our company´s aim is to produce the perfect cast part for every area of application in cooperation with our customers. This includes individual advice from our qualified team for the development, design and manufacture of your cast part. Nearly 125 years of experience in casting, our know-how as well as the most modern production facilities guarantee the perfect product. In order to achieve the best economically and technically feasible design, our expertise should be taken in account during the engineering phase. This means that, in cooperation with you, the customer, we can work out a feasible and economical construction through workpiece optimization. Why not profit from our experience and take us up on our offer of consultation in good time!

CAD simulation

Working out the operative and casting technology of customers’ wishes has become more and more of an individual service. It has become apparent that our consultants will have to deal with exceptional tasks in this particular field in the future.

It goes without saying that we support our customers during the engineering phase.
Our experienced technical engineers are happy to help, support and give advice.
Starting with model planning (also as a seperate service available) we offer our leading solidification simulation and 3D CAD system.

Computer-assisted solidification simulation

In order to guarantee a production process that both protects the environment and resources and, at the same time, ensures quality, the casting and solidification process is first simulated with the assistance of computers.

Process optimization through 3D CAD design and CAM

Thanks to our 3D-CAD programme we can transfer our customers’ data and process it for model making.
It is also no problem at all to directly implement your own 3D CAD data as we have all commonly used kinds of interface at our disposal.
Of course, we can also create 3D data of new or old parts for you.

This data can then be used for model making and checking measurements.

The highest level of quality

To meet today´s requirements, cast parts have to be produced with maximum precision and a minimum of deviation within a series.

Quality is not just another word for Röth – it is our corporate philosophy that we put into practice every day. Blanks and models are checked for dimensional conformance to drawings on our CNC measuring machine.
The following procedures, among others, ensure that we maintain the highest level of quality:

  • Sand testing
  • Thermal analysis
  • Spectral analysis
  • Hardness testing
  • Wedge testing (to determine the tensile strength)
  • Gauges
  • 100 % visual inspection
  • Constant visual model and core box checks

Pattern shop

A good and suitable model is a precondition for true to size and uniform castings. In order to produce these models we cooperate with a number of external model makers, some of whom we have worked with for decades.

Everything starts with your idea

We turn your product ideas and construction specifications into prototypes and series. We use state-of-the-art 3D-CAD technology to produce the necessary process data for your model. However, there is still the possibility of working with ‘traditional’ model making should you prefer this.
It is also no problem at all to directly implement your own 3D CAD data as we have all commonly usesd kinds of interface at our disposal. Furthermore, we can produce all prototype parts based on CAD data on short notice.

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