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If you have any special requests regarding cast parts in gray and modular cast iron the Georg Röth Eisengießerei GmbH & Co. KG company is the company to contact. We are specialised in taking particular care of any requirements no matter how difficult and complex they may be. Our skilled, experienced and dedicated employees have been doing an excellent job for many years. The iron foundry Röth was established in 1890 – not many familiy-owned companies can look back on such a long tradition.

Manufacturing high-quality foundry products in cast iron quality grades of GJL and GJS for mechanical engineering, drive systems, pumps, hydraulic systems, special machine constructions etc. has always been the focus of our activities. Neither do thin-walled cast parts nor radially or vertically ribbed electromotor castings pose any problems for us. Our experience is unique!

We are used to mastering any king of melting, alloying and casting. Our know-how in model making is the basis for first-class products. The consistently high quality of our cast parts enables favourable handling at high cutting speed with little scrap.
Using the most suitable moulding machine to meet every demand is how we achieve our excellent cost effectiveness.

Bild des Firmengründers Georg Röth

There is nothing better than over 120 years of experience in casting.

The iron foundry Röth develops and produces high-quality cast iron products.

Our products range from small articles up to large transmission and stator housings.

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