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The Röth Guss Promise


Promise of Quality

We place great importance on our cast parts all having the same quality so the reproducibility of quality plays a decisive part. Not only do we take quality assurance measures before going into production, we also simulate each cast part. For that we´ve been trusting Magma´s software solution since 2008. In order to guarantee that the cast parts meet your requirements we measure your cast sample using our optical measurement unit*. Should the need arise the cast part can be altered and optimized before going into series production.

* provided 3D-data is available

Simulationssoftware der Firma Magma

The Fast Way Into Series Production

Due to simulation of the cast part considerably fewer cast samples are necessary. Therefore your cast part goes from sample to series a lot faster, meaning you lose less valuable time and will be able to offer your product sooner.

Optimizing the Features of Cast Parts

Using simulation we are able to precisely predict and influence the features of the cast part. Thus we are able to give you some helpful advice concerning the construction and together we can change and optimize the cast parts quickly.

Instrument for Quality Assurance

Cast iron can have visible as well as non-visible defects. We are able to reduce non-visible defects thanks to simulating the cast parts. This means that each cast part is produced in a safer process and there will be fewer problems and risks when you work on it afterwards.

Saving Energy and Raw Materials

The amount of energy and raw material can be reduced to a minimum due to simulation. Not only does this have a positive effect on the price but also on the enviroment, as important ressources can be saved.

Optimizing of Cast Parts by Simulation of the Cast Process

#1 Gating Technology
By optimizing the gating technology we are able to attain an even mould filling.
#2 Gas Pockets
We reduce gas pockets to a minimum by using Magma simulation.
#3 Blowholes
Thanks to Magma simulation we know how to purposefully control the location and formation of blow holes.
#4 Hardness
By optimizing with Magma we can obtain a regular course of hardness.
#5 Stress
Thanks to Magma simulation we are able to see stress and take steps accordingly.

Promise of Speed

We know how important it is for our customers to keep deadlines. We are able to cast new parts in series production six weeks after the order has been placed if everything runs smoothly.
Step #1
Drawings / CAD data input as well as making an offer.
Step #2
Ordering the fitting of the model and of the cast parts.
Step #3
Production of individual model including a test report.
Step #4
Series production and delivery of cast parts.
Duration: 1 calender week
Duration: 2 - 3 calender weeks
Duration: 2 - 5 calender weeks
Duration: 2 - 3 calender weeks

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