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coreintensive machine cast moulding
for small and medium-sized castings

coreintensive machine cast moulding
for small and medium-sized castings

To capture the highest value we deploy products by:

We solve casting needs for 
gear box industry
pumps industry
foundry industry
agricultural machine industry
electric motor industry
valve industry
compressor industry
mechanical engineering industry

Moulding plant HWS

HWS Gießstrecke

Our ultra modern HWS moulding machine has a moulding size of 1030x810x320/320 (370) mm.
The machine operates by using SEIATSU Airflow Squeeze technology, which has proved to be the most successful technology concerning modern horizontal cast process.
This machine guarantees consistent cast of the highest quality with strict tolerances. Cast parts weighing between five and 200 kg are produced on this moulding machine by our skilled and highly motivated staff. Our strength lies in producing core intensive and complex housings of all kinds.
This moulding machine is completed by a a fully automatic casting system. Thus the moulding of the casts is carried out in a reliable process.

Moulding plant Disamatic

On our Disamatic A 130 with moulding sizes of 600x480x150–395 mm, we are able to produce favourably priced, small series parts with weights from 0,2–30 kg per piece. This moulding plant is also suitable for smaller series of up to 20 forms per batch.

By using a fully automated core inserter we are able to produce complex and made to measure cast parts. The electrically heated automatic casting furnace guarantees even casting and thus uniform casts.

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